non-rationalist media you enjoy

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non-rationalist media you enjoy

Post by cactus head » Tue May 23, 2017 2:28 pm

This is intended to be a general discussion thread for the books and movies we like that have nothing to do with rationalism.

At the moment I'm really into this anime TV series called Little Witch Academia. It's a really cute and charming anime about a girl named Akko who is inspired to become a witch and bring joy to people after seeing a magic show put on by the performer Shiny Chariot. She enrolls in the academy of Luna Nova where she learns that the magic world shuns Shiny Chariot--but this doesn't stop Akko from pursuing her dream. Akko may have zero magical blood and be unable to fly a broom, but when she finds Chariot's magic staff she resolves to discover the reasons behind Chariot's mysterious disappearance a decade before the present time.


What I love about this show is the character interactions. Akko's friend Sucy is the evil friend who enjoys tormenting her. The rebellious Amanda and the Genki girl Akko play off each other very well. Last but not least there's the magical prodigy Diana, who seems cold because of the heavy matters weighing her down, who develops a grudging respect and warmth for Akko as Akko becomes more proficient in using magic.

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Re: non-rationalist media you enjoy

Post by chel_of_the_sea » Thu May 25, 2017 6:04 pm

I'm a big fan of Jon Bois and his absurd sportswriter narratives. If you'd prefer something more text-y, look up his Breaking Madden series, where he creates absurd football scenarios in the Madden 20xx series appropriate to real-world events and sees what happens. He's a really creative guy and there's obviously a ton of production value thrown into his videos, including a hell of a lot of research/data analysis.
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Re: non-rationalist media you enjoy

Post by archon » Fri May 26, 2017 12:59 am

So many web-comics. They are free and I can archive binge. But ones I am following are:
XKCD (of course)
Girl Genius (Mad Scientists in a Vaguely Steampunk setting. Epic Drama and Ranting ect.)
Freefall (Hard Sci-fi(a alien, a uplifted wolf and a robot in a rickety spaceship), Mostly comedic(and really quite funny), but with serious themes about AI and similar issues)
Sunset Grill (A vaugly Cyber-punk Dystopia, focusing on the staff and patron of the eponymous sunset grill, from lawyers to gangsters to cyborgs. One of the funniest things I have ever read)
The Whiteboard (Alaskan Animals/Mad Scientists Playing paintball. )
Harbormaster (Follows the governor of a small colony, as he deals with the interactions between several different species and cultures, and deals with his upbringing. Sci-fi)
Skin Horse (Secret Social Services. A Cross-dressing psychiatrist, psychopathic zombie and a canine bureaucrat, providing pamphlets and counselling to those the US governments does not acknowledge, such as the creations of Mad Science. )

I don't know how many of those people will have heard of.
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Re: non-rationalist media you enjoy

Post by dylygs » Sat May 27, 2017 6:16 pm

For some more webcomics:
SMBC - pretty sure everyone's heard of this here, but it's a pretty good science/philosophy/whatever topic gag a day strip, kinda similar to xkcd (actually, recently been better than xkcd in my opinion...)

Dresden Codak - this used to be a pretty good comic, but in the past year or so has kinda become shit; mostly about transhumanism and robotics

The Property of Hate - surrealist dream world kind of setting, in which a nameless hero is dragged around by a British gentleman with an analog television for a head; absolutely fantastic art

Cucumber Quest - cute comic featuring rabbit people on a quest to defeat a big evil bad guy, also with really nice art and more complexity than it seems at first glance

Also, not sure if everyone's read Mother of Learning yet, but it's a really good, kinda rationalist style serial novel about magic in a Groundhog Day-style time loop. The idea seems kinda dumb at first glance, but it's actually really great.

I've also been enjoying reading The Gods Are Bastards, which is a (long) serial novel about a western-style fantasy world and a school for gifted warriors, as well as looking at the political struggles of different factions trying to gain power.

CORDYCEPS is also one of my favorite horror/mystery short stories; I won't spoil anything, just go read it.

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Re: non-rationalist media you enjoy

Post by hoghoghoghoghog » Sun May 28, 2017 12:42 am

Even more webcomics, especially for fans of the New Dumb: Achewood and Buttersafe

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Chesteron, I thought that was de rigeur. I don't get him though.

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